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7 Ways To Look Your Best At Your Next Zoom Meet

Below are ways to look your best at your next Zoom meet. Nowadays students, employees, and also professionals are spending a lot of time using Zoom for video meetings. The question arises, how to look your best? Even though you’re working from home, you still want to treat every meeting as you would if you were attending in the office. That means taking a shower, getting dressed appropriately, and planning out your setting to make sure you have what you need.

Ways To Look Your Best At Your Next Zoom Meet

Of course, there are other tips that can help as well. Let’s take a look at how you can look your best at the next zoom meeting.

Focus On Your Appearance

Begin with the essentials. Neatly comb your hair, wash your face or apply makeup and plan your clothing strategically. The eyes of the spectators get bogged down with a genuinely busy plaid print or styled outfit. A clear, solid color will allow you to accomplish the best. In reality, bright colors and prints can be an exciting stimulus and will reflect on your face, particularly when you have a blank wall and you take your video calls there. You don’t need to get fully dressed up! Most notably, you’re professionally dressed in the waist-up, where you’re noticed.

Zoom has a built-in feature to help you look nicer, in particular. There is a “touch up my appearance” tool in the Zoom desktop app which is designed to smoothen your skin.

Check Brightness & Lighting

Check Brightness & Lighting

To look your best in your next zoom meet, ensure the lighting position in the room. Look to it whether you are facing the window or you’re against it? One of the greatest errors people make is to sit in front of a bright window that underpins the camera and creates a dim image shadow. Try to turn the setup to face the window head-on as much as appropriate. This offers you lots of natural light too and makes your image look sharp. Natural light is best when front-facing. It also emphasizes and brightens your face and appearance, which gives you a simple, flattering, film-star image.

For meetings in the night, you can use a warm table or a standing lamp, one to two feet apart from you, giving you face focus lighting with no sidelights or background lights. Your safest choice is to check your camera and play with your lighting choices a few moments prior to your meetings.

Background Is As Important As Lighting

Background in Zoom Meet

The background concern you must pay specific attention to is the flashing and bright light behind you. You need to make sure that the space behind you is not too noisy during your Zoom call. If you regularly have Zoom meetings it is worth having a room, so that you can be cautious about what viewers see around you. Find a room that has not many disturbances including stacks of many junk papers, children playing, or television sound.

Try to set yourself up in front of a simple wall or maybe something plain, like a bookshelf or flower vase. Basic backgrounds allow you to look on the camera ever more pleasant.

Positioning Camera To Look Your Best

Avoid the wide-angle profile. The camera lenses are wide-angle on your webcams and mobile phones. So you’ll appear distorted if you come too close to it. In other words, step back from the screen. The closest you are to a wide-angle, the more skewed you are. Line up your tablet, laptop, or phone camera so that your eyes are approximately at an accurate angle. If the camera is too low, you’re not going to reveal a very flattering image.

Instead, stack books or other lightweight objects under your laptop or tablet to get your webcam or camera at the correct angle. You don’t want individuals to feel like they’re staring at you up or down.

Use Headphones For More Clarity & Look Your Best At Your Next Zoom Meet

You don’t have a lot of control over sound and audio, so if you receive calls in a quiet spot, you’ll sound much better. An important thing to remember is that your headsets might have a microphone that is way better than your laptop. How you sound on your Zoom meetings is just as essential as how you look. A microphone or a good pair of headphones, particularly when it comes to mitigating background noise, can make a significant difference. And a basic pair of cable earplugs will give you a stronger sound than your laptop’s in-built microphone. Leave your microphone muted as a courtesy to everyone, unless you are speaking.

A feature of Zoom lets you change the audio. Go to general settings and change the audio in the Zoom application and select the accessory mic instead of the webcam’s mic, you will sound clearer.

Video Testing Before the Call To Look Professional

It is advisable to show up at your Zoom meeting all prepared. If you start to adjust the settings, camera angle, or your hair in front of your colleagues, it doesn’t leave a pleasant impression. So, check all of it before the call begins to avoid the inconveniences occurring later.
Zoom provides a feature that helps you to preview your video before the call begins. If you chose this option, before you enter a call, a video preview will pop up to check how you look and can carry on with the meeting smoothly without any interruptions.

And Finally Feel Comfortable

Last, but not least, get comfortable. Just like attending a real conference, you shouldn’t get up and walk around until your call ends. You might have to be seated for a long time, so be seated at a comfortable place. Moreover, plug-in your laptop to the charger to avoid low battery notification. In order to avoid getting up throughout your Zoom meet, you can carry a water bottle.

You may feel self-conscious about the way you appear on camera. During your next Zoom meeting, take these tips into consideration and don’t care too much about what your colleagues feel about your appearance. There’s plenty you can do to look more confident and professional on Zoom and when it is your turn to speak, you can be less stressed. We hope the above-mentioned ways to look your best in your next zoom meet will help you and make you shine.






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