Moving on After Loss

7 Ways That Will Really Work To Help You in Moving on After Loss

Losing someone or something in life that you really cared about is something unbearable. But moving on after that loss is a critical period in life. It is a feeling you would never want to experience. It can be in the form of the death of a loved one, a breakup, or any other tremendous loss that you experienced. However, it is a part of life and you may face it at some point or another. But the difficult thing about it is finally letting go and moving on.

The process may begin with feelings of denial and later change into depression or anger. You may feel that you can never heal from the trauma it caused you, and it’s normal, feeling something is normal. However, you should not think that you cannot recover or move on from the tragedy. Although it may seem impossible, with a little effort from your side and the will to do it, moving on after a loss can become a little easier.

Here are seven great ways that will definitely help you in moving on after a loss:

Feel Your Emotions for Moving on After Loss

Feel Your Emotions

Going through loss is painful and scary, and it can cause you immense grief. However, it is important to let out that grief rather than suppressing it within yourself. You may feel that ignoring your feeling is better than accepting them, but you’re wrong. When you ignore what hurts you, it can stay inside and create major issues like depression, anxiety, and even health problems. Thus, it is essential to take charge and get hold of your emotions before your emotions take the best of you.

Instead of ignoring, try to accept what has gone by, and share your feelings with a friend but never suppress them. You can cry and rant as much as you want to; it’ll just make you feel a little better than ignoring your feelings and keeping them within.

Tell People about Your Feelings to Start Moving on After Loss

In today’s society, when a person goes through loss, people expect them to carry on with normal lives right after. And although most people do carry on with their lives, every trauma is different. The process of moving on after a loss is different for everyone. You may want some time for yourself to completely accept it and comprehend it. At such times if people ask about you or are worried about you, it is absolutely alright to tell them about what you’re going through at the moment. You can simply tell them that you are going through a loss and it will take some time for you to totally cope with it.

Fill That Void to Cope with the Loss

Loss of something or someone that you truly cared about can leave a void within. You may feel an empty space in yourself and you have to work on filling it. Give yourself some time to mourn, ponder over your feeling and let everything out. Once you’re ready to begin, try doing something new that can fill the void within you. Although you feel like you’re still not ready, you do have to start from somewhere. If you do not focus on filling that void, it will certainly bug you in the future.

So do something that can help you out, it may be anything you like. From meeting new people, a new hobby, an adventure or anything else that brings you joy. Discovering new things in life will help you in moving on after loss and will certainly impact your life in a positive and fulfilling way.

Let People into Your Life

Although you may feel like closing everyone out and being by yourself, it’s okay to do that for a while. Take your time to recover but allow people into your life after some time. You may find a lot of friends, relatives, and colleagues who can understand you and support you through tough times. They can help you heal from your loss by giving you the assurance you need. They can lend you an ear when you want to vent about your feelings. Keeping your grief within yourself can be unhealthy for you as well as for the people around you who care.

Moving On After a Loss by Doing Positive Things

Once you start doing positive things in your life, it drives away negative thoughts and feelings. Although you may be intrigued to switch to the consumption of alcohol or drugs to numb your feelings, it can only help you for a while. However, it will create issues for you in the long run. Thus, you should avoid such activities; rather you can do other things like seek counseling, volunteer at events, start exercising and do other things that will make you feel lively. Not only will it make you feel better, but it is also a great way to distract yourself from the loss.

It’s Okay If Time Doesn’t Heal You

‘Time heals everything’ we have all heard this many a time. Especially if you are going through loss. There will be people around you who will stay by your side and tell you that everything will be okay with time. Although it is right, not everyone heals the same way. If you have had a loss that is unbearable or unimaginable, healing can really be difficult, and that’s absolutely alright. Maybe you will never be able to heal at all, you may have that emptiness within you, and that’s alright because it’s okay if time doesn’t heal you.

People Cannot Tell You How to Feel

Your way of dealing with loss is different than others. Some people cry all day, some don’t cry at all, and some just crack jokes and that’s fine. Nobody can tell you how to feel or how to act, not even you yourself. You are allowed to feel your emotions and act the way you feel is better for you.

Nobody wants to experience the loss of a loved one; however, it is a part of life and if you are going through a tremendous loss and want to move on then these seven ways will totally help you in moving on after loss quickly and effectively.






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