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How to Use the Art of Instagram Captions to Get Massive Traffic Rushing to Your Profile?

In this era of social networking, having a good social network profile has become a must. Keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends means you are aware of the fast-growing world around you. One such platform is Instagram, where your pictures and Instagram captions help the world “judge” you!

If you are an active member on Instagram, you must be aware of the fact that captions are sometimes more important than pictures themselves, which is why we have come up with this article to help you enter the new year with a bang on your Instagram profile!

What Exactly is an Instagram Caption?

Instagram Caption

If put simply, an Instagram caption is a series of characters or emojis that you type while you upload a picture on Instagram. Placed below your post, this caption can include words, numbers, emojis, hashtags, etc!

Instagram Captions Come With a Character Limit

Have you ever wondered about the number of words you could fit into an Instagram Caption?

The limit is 2,200 characters and if we look for a word count, it would come to approximately 330 words. Instagram captions are generally confined to a few lines.

It all depends on you. How you want to express yourself is a choice you make. However, we have listed a few tips below that will help you in writing the perfect Instagram captions for your pictures.

Think, Think, and Think….!

The most important thing before you start writing your caption is that you think about what you want to tell your viewers.

Think about something that will add more meaning to your post.

A hidden story behind a picture, what inspired you to take that shot, why this picture is so memorable, or maybe a story of the dress you are wearing or anything!

Think about what you would prefer if you were in a reader’s place. Think about something that would be interesting and then pen it down!

You Can Add Emojis and HashTags

Instagram emojis

The best Instagram captions are a beautiful blend of emojis and hashtags. They make your captions more appealing and add meaning to your posts as well.

Adding emojis to the text of your posts is a very quirky way of writing captions and you can opt for this if you are writing about a post that is fun-filled or has some excitement to it like a picture of you jumping on a trampoline or a poolside party or anything that makes you feel happy.

Sometimes a series of just emojis also works fabulously. It is a very subtle way of expressing how you feel.
Do not miss out on those hashtags! They are a very lovely way to reach out to more and more people.

You Can Ask Questions Too

If you have a page that requires you to engage your audience, asking a question might help you engage the maximum audience.

Things like tagging a close friend to remind him of your school days, sending this song to all those who have taught you valuable lessons in life or tagging three friends who you love chilling with are a few examples of the ways you can engage your audience.

The goal is to give them a reason to think. To think about their loved ones, to think about their lives, to think and just think because you will only spend time on a post when you find it interesting and it makes you think about something!

You Can Classify Instagram Captions Into Themes

Instagram Captions Into Themes

Instagram caption ideas should be unique which is why we have mentioned a few themes that will help you think of excellent captions.


Captions don’t have to narrate a story, you can use captions as a way to convey a motivational message.

For example:

You have to post a picture of yourself while standing and staring at the vast water body in front of you and your back is towards the camera. Now you have to think of a caption that describes your picture and has a strong message as well.

A few examples could be:

  • Your determination in life shall be determined by your vision to succeed and not by the hurdles standing in your way.
  • The deep waters tell me how high I can fly for their beauty is a reflection of the limitless sky!


  • Conquer your fears and let your success speak for itself!
  • Do not be afraid to take that step for it is your courage that determines your destination!
  • The tides are not afraid to fall and therefore, they rise above all!


  • Love is not about loving a person, it is about embracing his/her imperfections.
  • I promise to love you when the days are dark and the darkness is noisy. I promise to be with you forever…
  • In your arms, I found my peace.


  • Let positivity take over and witness changes like never before.
  • An optimist finds peace in drowning for after death lies eternal life.


  • Let’s rise to our full potential today.
  • It’s a beautiful morning. Are you ready to shine brightly?


  • The darkness now haunts me, its silence slowly consumes me.
  • My drooping soul craves a place to rest.
  • The light of destruction is blinding, please help me see…!!

The best captions come only after the best pictures and you need to understand how to schedule your posts. Instagram captions are a very creative feature that the platform provides us with. You can share your views and communicate with your audience or you can just write one word that holds a vast meaning. The best part is that it is all your choice and the creativity lies in your hands.

Make sure to write something that is easy to understand and very appealing at the same time. You do not want to end up creating a so-called code language that only you or your associates understand. The best captions are the ones that are understood by all and loved by plenty!






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